Archive: February 2014

Harira: Moroccan Tomato and Chickpea Soup

27 February 2014


  In cooking class, we are always trying to walk that fine line between making something with a good shot of being eaten by the mini-chefs, especially the two year olds who have often sworn off most foods, and being adventuresome. Harira, a Morrocan tomato and chickpea dish, straddles both worlds.  On the one hand […]

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Black Bean and Vegetable Chilaquiles

11 February 2014

Black Bean and Vegetable Chilaquiles

My mini-chefs are back in the kitchen this semester, and we began our session with what has become a major favorite with our own family and our friends: Chilaquiles! As I explained to the kids yesterday, it’s like a Mexican lasagna, layered with tortillas and a vegetable and black bean mixture, and topped with cheese. […]

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