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Sweet Pea Hummus and Ricotta Tarts

26 March 2014

Sweet pea hummus and ricotta tarts

In cooking class with the older mini-chefs this week, we endeavored to make a multi step tart especially for Spring. It involved some quick cheese-making, thanks to this wonderfully easy ricotta recipe via The Barefoot Contessa, and puff pastry dough rolling, cutting, and baking, and throwing together some Sweet Pea Hummus in the food processor. […]

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Irish Soda Bread

13 March 2014

Irish Soda Bread 2

Never will I forget the story about the raisin buns from Frank McCourt‘s memoir about growing up in Limerick, Ireland, Angela’s Ashes.  Frank and his classmates, all varying degrees of impoverished, received their daily bread, a raisin bun, at school lunchtime. Only, the raisin buns never, ever, ever had any raisins. The raisins were a mythical thing, […]

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Green Smoothies for Saint Patrick’s Day

12 March 2014

green smoothie

In cooking class this week, we began celebrating St. Patrick’s day a little early. Because we were also making Irish Soda Bread, the recipe for which we will share in another post, we needed something fresh and GREEN to balance out our meal. Enter The Green Smoothie. We like drinking our greens, but we prefer […]

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Coddled Eggs with Cheese Polenta

05 March 2014

coddled eggs with cheese polenta

One of the first things we did in preparation for making this dish was to discuss the term “coddled”. After discussing its meaning, we decided that the more modern name for these coddled eggs is “Helicoptered Eggs”. Now, although, you will have to treat these eggs with special care to not break the yolks, all […]

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