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Homemade Corn Tortillas

08 May 2014

homemade corn tortillas

This past Monday was Cinco de Mayo, and the mini-chefs celebrated by making some soft tacos, complete with homemade corn tortillas. Since my mom grew up in New Mexico, we never really had anything but homemade tortillas growing up. Her sister, my Aunt Holly, and her husband owned a Mexican restaurant when I was a […]

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Sweet Pea Hummus and Ricotta Tarts

26 March 2014

Sweet pea hummus and ricotta tarts

In cooking class with the older mini-chefs this week, we endeavored to make a multi step tart especially for Spring. It involved some quick cheese-making, thanks to this wonderfully easy ricotta recipe via The Barefoot Contessa, and puff pastry dough rolling, cutting, and baking, and throwing together some Sweet Pea Hummus in the food processor. […]

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Coddled Eggs with Cheese Polenta

05 March 2014

coddled eggs with cheese polenta

One of the first things we did in preparation for making this dish was to discuss the term “coddled”. After discussing its meaning, we decided that the more modern name for these coddled eggs is “Helicoptered Eggs”. Now, although, you will have to treat these eggs with special care to not break the yolks, all […]

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Spinach Tofu Rice Balls Served in Cumin Tomato Sauce (Meatless Monday)

14 March 2011

You’ve heard that saying, “Like white on rice”?  Well, any time rice is incorporated in what we’re making in class, the mini-chefs are… like white on rice.  NOM, NOM, NOM!  They all love it. This past week, we made one of our favorite ingredients the star of the show in a main course dish.  These […]

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Potato and Kale Samosas

14 January 2011

Ok.  Confession: I have been craving Indian food almost since the beginning of this pregnancy and totally bent our cooking class to my whims this week!  Even in the throes of my worst morning sickness, Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of fresh spinach was one of the only things I could even consider eating. […]

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