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Lemon Ricotta Cake with a Raspberry Jam Swirl

01 May 2014

lemon ricotta and raspeveryy jam tea cake

During each cooking class semester, we make one dessert, and the mini-chefs let it be known that they wanted that dessert to be cake this semester. In a rather bleak part of this year’s frigid March, we were all craving sunshine. Around the same time on Facebook, a friend was having her birthday and was […]

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For Mother’s Day: Strawberry-Blueberry Shortcake with Vanilla Whipped Cream

08 May 2012

It can be frustrating waiting for the berries to show up at the Greenmarket.  When they do, we pretty much swoon and buy cases to enjoy. For Mother’s Day, the mini-chefs needed something that they could throw together and with which to impress their mamas.  Since we couldn’t wait to use fresh berries, we settled […]

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Vanilla and Chocolate Coconut Almond Macaroons

05 April 2012

If you live in New York long enough, you will most likely eventually get the honor of being invited to attend a seder for Jewish Passover.  Because the holiday requires that nothing is cooked with leavening, you will also almost always be offered a very traditional and very delicious dessert: coconut macaroons. People tend to […]

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Apple Galettes with an Easy Crust

07 March 2011

In class this week, something really beautiful was happening.  The big kids were helping and guiding the littler ones.  We have a class full of sibling pairs with the exception of one of our two-year-olds.  That single child seems to get my children, in particular, to help her out when she needs it.  While baking […]

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Chocolate Pot de Creme

10 February 2011

When I was a little girl, my mom would serve us pot de creme only once or twice a year, and we could not wait to have it.  Her presentation was so elegant.  We received our pots in lusterous ivory china demi-tasse cups and served with real silver demi-tasse spoons.  I felt like a princess. […]

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