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Risotto with Ramps, Peas, and Pickled Carrots

13 May 2014

Risotto with Ramps, Peas, and Pickled Carrots

Risotto is a labor of love, a dish where you must commit to standing and stirring from the beginning all the way till the dish is done. I call it Granny food since it brings to mind the iconic Italian granny, Nonna, standing over the hot pot, stirring for the full time it takes to make risotto. […]

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Sweet Pea Hummus and Ricotta Tarts

26 March 2014

Sweet pea hummus and ricotta tarts

In cooking class with the older mini-chefs this week, we endeavored to make a multi step tart especially for Spring. It involved some quick cheese-making, thanks to this wonderfully easy ricotta recipe via The Barefoot Contessa, and puff pastry dough rolling, cutting, and baking, and throwing together some Sweet Pea Hummus in the food processor. […]

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Coddled Eggs with Cheese Polenta

05 March 2014

coddled eggs with cheese polenta

One of the first things we did in preparation for making this dish was to discuss the term “coddled”. After discussing its meaning, we decided that the more modern name for these coddled eggs is “Helicoptered Eggs”. Now, although, you will have to treat these eggs with special care to not break the yolks, all […]

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Black Bean and Vegetable Chilaquiles

11 February 2014

Black Bean and Vegetable Chilaquiles

My mini-chefs are back in the kitchen this semester, and we began our session with what has become a major favorite with our own family and our friends: Chilaquiles! As I explained to the kids yesterday, it’s like a Mexican lasagna, layered with tortillas and a vegetable and black bean mixture, and topped with cheese. […]

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Mac and Cheese with a Crunchy Cornflake Crust and Cooking Class Survival

30 July 2012

My Spring Semester Cooking Class this year was really one for the books.  It included mostly 6 and 7-year-old girls, among them the daughter of a former gourmet food magazine editor.  My student informed me that she liked five things: chocolate, bacon, pizza, plain pasta, and chocolate chip muffins. Let’s pause for a moment and […]

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