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Homemade Corn Tortillas

08 May 2014

homemade corn tortillas

This past Monday was Cinco de Mayo, and the mini-chefs celebrated by making some soft tacos, complete with homemade corn tortillas. Since my mom grew up in New Mexico, we never really had anything but homemade tortillas growing up. Her sister, my Aunt Holly, and her husband owned a Mexican restaurant when I was a […]

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Sweet Pea Hummus and Ricotta Tarts

26 March 2014

Sweet pea hummus and ricotta tarts

In cooking class with the older mini-chefs this week, we endeavored to make a multi step tart especially for Spring. It involved some quick cheese-making, thanks to this wonderfully easy ricotta recipe via The Barefoot Contessa, and puff pastry dough rolling, cutting, and baking, and throwing together some Sweet Pea Hummus in the food processor. […]

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Green Smoothies for Saint Patrick’s Day

12 March 2014

green smoothie

In cooking class this week, we began celebrating St. Patrick’s day a little early. Because we were also making Irish Soda Bread, the recipe for which we will share in another post, we needed something fresh and GREEN to balance out our meal. Enter The Green Smoothie. We like drinking our greens, but we prefer […]

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Brown Butter Banana Bread

18 September 2012

One day when Mira was about 4 and Liev about 2 and keeping me busy, the phone rang while I was melting the butter for this recipe.  Someone was asking for a phone number or a play date, etc., and I left the kitchen for a couple of minutes to attend to the request.  When […]

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Time: 10 Minute Eggs

19 April 2011

To play Corner View catch-up and in preparation for the weekend’s events, here is a review of how to hard boil eggs… just in case you’ve forgotten or, worse, over boiled them in the past: Carefully, place the eggs in the bottom of a sturdy-bottomed wide pan. Add cold water till it covers the eggs […]

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