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Risotto with Ramps, Peas, and Pickled Carrots

13 May 2014

Risotto with Ramps, Peas, and Pickled Carrots

Risotto is a labor of love, a dish where you must commit to standing and stirring from the beginning all the way till the dish is done. I call it Granny food since it brings to mind the iconic Italian granny, Nonna, standing over the hot pot, stirring for the full time it takes to make risotto. […]

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Noodle Soup with a Magic Bag: The YUMMIES ARE BACK!!!

07 February 2012

The Yummies returneth!  And, they came to make a magical noodle soup. When Mira was six months old, I went over to visit my sister-in-law who lived on the Upper East Side with a very picky little guy, my nephew, who wouldn’t eat anything hardly.  One thing he did love was chicken soup, and my […]

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Healthy Sloppy Joes

19 September 2011

Last year when I asked Mira whether she would like to have hot lunch at school once a week, she immediately shot back a question: “Mama, do they treat their animals well?” While she is certainly not a vegetarian (yet), she does care, has learned to care about from where her meat, her eggs, and […]

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Fall/Winter Vegetable Tagine with Cous-Cous

21 October 2010

Last winter when we created a kid-friendly chicken tagine in class, a few of the vegetarian parents asked how they could make the dish without the addition of meat.  While vegetarian cooking does take more thought for flavor development and, at times, more creativity to bring up the protein level to make it healthful for […]

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Charlotte’s Chalupas Part 1: Healthy Refried Beans

23 September 2010

To kick off our fourth year of cooking classes with the mini-chefs, we made a family recipe given to me by my mom.  Chalupas are sort of like soft tacos, but are made with corn tortillas that have been buttered and barely fried.  Inside, my mom puts Spanish rice, cheese, and of course refritos, or […]

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